RayScho’s Weekend Sim Requests

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend and I’m in a sim making kind of mood so I’m opening up requests for a little while if anyone is interested.

I’ll probably take about 5 or so for now, so send me a message if you want a sim from me. 

Info I’ll need:-

  • Age (I’ll make YA unless asked otherwise)
  • Gender
  • Berry/vanilla 
  • Hair/eye/skin colour requests
  • Custom content yay or nay? Sliders yay or nay? 
  • Anything else you might want to let me know - send me a palette, or a song or anything you fancy. If there’s one of my sims you want me to use as a base, I will do. 

Downloads will be public unless you want a spouse for a legacy or something like that.

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Even Joel is getting involved in the challenge now - maybe he’s realised that there’s a chance he could end up being in the bottom two for three weeks in a row otherwise! 

Instead of working on her own paintings, Eden heckles Asher and Adam.

Good plan Eden. Excellent plan. 

I didn’t realise anyone could be this excited about toilets! 

Logic skill was two weeks ago Eden! 

Just when I thought the housemates had reduced their flirtation levels! 

Since the housemates are actually doing something other than flirting with each other constantly, poor Ivy has been a bit neglected recently. 

She’s still been working on her magic though, just in case anyone crosses her! 

Well, those look… appetising? 

Let’s just say that Eden and Morgan aren’t the best of friends…