I was just interested because I have very few and wanted to know how it is that you managed to get so many? I want to start a legacy challenge and have people vote on heirs but I'm not sure I have enough followers

— Anonymous

Well, I have had a simblr for about 18 months now, so it didn’t just happen overnight! I also follow about 1,800 people too - you have to make the effort with other people by following them, liking their posts regularly, commenting on posts, or reblogging their posts. 

If you go on this page of my tumblr, there’s some messages from people in similar situations to your own, and I’ve given them my words of wisdom, such as they are. (You might just need to scroll down a bit). 

Also, message me off anon! I only ever publish my replies to WCIFs or if other people might find the information useful (normally only if people ask if I’m taking requests). If you want me to just reply privately, just tell me and I will do. Or fan mail me if you’ve been following me for more than two days - those conversations stay private. 

I thought pruning the bonsai might cheer Winston up.

Yeah, I was wrong. 

She’s cute and she knows it. 

Aww, Grace manages to get Winston to crack a smile! 

Grace has been working on her programming skill for her job in tech support. 

Back from his jog, Winston makes a seriously sad grilled cheese. 

(While Grace ushers his ex-wife towards the exit…)

Wow… this is awkward. 

Grace has been blissfully unaware of the drama which unfurled during the evening! 

Even the crappy end of town is really pretty. 

Sad jogging.