You may vote for more than one of the girls if you like, but don’t vote for all three of them as that will make the poll rather pointless.

Vote for who you want to stayin the challenge here!

Voting will close at 5pm GMT/London time tomorrow, the 17th.

I’d be ever so grateful if you’d vote for my little schnuckums Cherry! I don’t want to see her leave the competition :’(

We’re down to the final four! 

BBBC will be back at the weekend.

Harry, you have been eliminated, please leave the Big Brother house.

pushingupplumbobs - OMFG IT WAS SO CLOSE!! Harry was nipping at Stacey’s heels the whole time. I feel so sorry to see him go, he’s been a complete legend of a housemate. He just always wanted to socialise with people, and never really engaged with any of Big Brother’s tasks. Even when he won, he kinda shot himself in the foot with Ivy. Anyway, thank you so, so much, I’ll miss him like crazy but I think he might have a new friend in Jenna!! 

Harry and Stacey. One of you received the lowest number of votes from the public and will be leaving the competition immediately.

The sim remaining in the competition is…


The first housemate safe from elimination and staying in the Big Brother House is …


Asher , Stacey and Harry. You all gained only two skill points in this week’s challenge so were up for elimination.

The public have voted and the votes have been counted and verified.

The first housemate safe from elimination and staying in the Big Brother House is …

Housemates and Jenna, this is Big Brother.

Please go to the sofas immediately. 

Well, that didn’t last long…

I flicked back over to Ivy’s side of the house and found her and Eden locked in a steamy embrace! 

I think they’re going to miss each other :)

Jenna took the last portion of grilled cheese, meaning Harry had to have a hot dog for his breakfast. 

First the splashing incident, now this?! Where will Jenna’s cruelty end?