Absolutely loving everyone’s Sims 4 pictures - I’m just so jealous because the UK release isn’t for DAYS!!

I’m so impatient.

flutersims - thank you so much for making Morgan for the competition! She spent far too much time being flirty and just didn’t pay enough attention to the tasks and unfortunately Eden had a lot more public support :(

BBBC will be back towards the end of this week, I’m  going to queue up some Frosts for a couple of days before then. Look at me having a schedule and everything! 

Morgan, you have been eliminated, please leave the Big Brother house.

The sim staying in the competition is…


(wow, there’s no love lost between these two!)

Eden and Morgan. You all gained only a single musical skill point in this week’s challenge so were up for elimination.

The public have voted and the votes have been counted and verified.

The housemate safe from elimination and staying in the Big Brother House is …

Housemates, this is Big Brother. Please go to the sofas immediately.

It starts raining so Adam leaves the hot tub and comes inside to talk to Ivy about the rain.

Thrilling, I know… 

I think Adam is trying to get your attention Ivy! 

It’s Adam and Ivy’s last evening alone together - tomorrow is elimination day!